Reward Offered for Doggy Daycare Delinquent

On Wednesday, November 29th sometime after 7pm an unknown person tossed rat poison pellets over a fence into the Gimme A Bark play yard. The pellets, which are designed to appear appetizing to animals, were ingested by several of dogs the following morning before staff discovered them. All 13 dogs were immediately sent to a local vet where four of them tested positive for rat poison. The affected canines received treatment and will be kept under observation until the poison is out of their systems.

Rodenticide, commonly referred to as rat poison, is typically made from anticoagulants which cause internal bleeding. Once ingested, the lethal concoction typically takes a week or longer to kill.

Local business owners and clients of Gimme A Bark have pooled together $5,500 to offer as a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the culprit. If you have any information that might lead to the arrest of this person, please contact the Friendswood Police Department or the Gimme A Bark staff at (281) 482-1911.

Jim is a serial entrepreneur, a web developer, a real estate agent, and a geek. Friendswood has been his hometown since 1998.