Police Report – December 5, 2016

Seabrook man charged for leaving the scene of an injury accident

Scott Raymond Tignor, 48, of Seabrook, was charged with Failure to Stop and Render Aid – Accident Involving Injury. Tignor was involved in a traffic crash involving injuries in the 4400 block of FM 528 at 11:44 a.m. on November 28. He left the scene of the accident without providing aid or information. A witness followed Tignor and provided police with his location. Tignor pulled into a parking lot in the 1500 block of Winding Way, got out of his vehicle to inspect the damage, and then got back into his vehicle prior to being stopped by police. Tignor’s vehicle had substantial front end damage. When contacted by police, Tignor refused to terminate his cell phone call and appeared agitated that he was stopped. He was detained in handcuffs. The occupants of two other vehicles involved in the crash were transported to the hospital. The investigation showed that one vehicle crossed the center stripe and hit another vehicle nearly head on. Tignor crashed into the rear end of the vehicle stopped going westbound. He had a glass crack pipe with burned residue and a small electronic scale inside his vehicle. Tignor did not have insurance coverage. His bond was set at $60,000.


Dec. 2 (11:14 p.m.) Ralph Joshua Torres, 25, of Friendswood, was charged with Assault by Contact. An officer was flagged down in the 17100 block of Blackhawk Blvd. The citizen told police that she was enroute to her daughter’s house where a physical disturbance was going on. The officer arrived at the residence in the 3700 block of Laura Leigh Lane and contacted the victim who advised that she was assaulted by her husband. The officer contacted Torres and took him into custody for the assault.


Nov. 28 (8:19 a.m.) Scaffolding was stolen from a home construction site in the 1800 block of Anna Way. The theft occurred between November 26 at 3:30 p.m. and November 28 at 7:30 a.m.

Nov. 28 (11:41 a.m.) A theft of two firearms was reported in the 600 block of N. Clear Creek. The last time the guns were seen was on or around the week of November 14. At the time, the gun owner was storing the guns in the presence of the handyman. The handyman had access to the weapons inside the house while the owner was not at home and is suspected of the theft.

Nov. 28 (5:34 p.m.) Cash, gift cards and Hydrocodone were stolen from an apartment located at 5025 FM 2351. The victim had maintenance personnel inside her apartment while she was not there.

Nov. 29 (9:37 a.m.) A member of 24 Hour Fitness reported the theft of a cell phone at the Friendswood gym located at 130 W. Parkwood Avenue. At approximately 6:00 p.m., the member left her cell phone on a treadmill and attended a group class. When she left the gym at approximately 7:15 p.m., she realized that she left her phone on the treadmill, returned and found that it was gone. The phone was tracked to a location in Alvin. Since that time, the owner wiped the phone clean and shut it off. The phone was described as a black Motorola Moto G4. It had a black front with a deep purple back and a scratched up purple case.

Dec. 1 (10:02 p.m.) A Kroger employee reported the theft of a bicycle from in front of the store located in the 3100 block of FM 528. The theft occurred between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. The bicycle is described as a black and red Schwinn racer type bicycle.

Dec. 5 (8:07 p.m.) A member of the Friendswood 24 Hour Fitness, located at 130 W. Parkwood, reported the theft of a wallet. He kept his wallet hidden in his shoe while on the basketball court. When he was finished, he grabbed his shoes and his wallet was gone.


Fraud and Identity Theft reported over the past week included the following:

A Friendswood resident received a letter in the mail threatening to turn off her cell phone service if she didn’t pay her bill. However, the victim did not have service with the provider making the threat. Once she contacted the company, she was referred to their fraud department.

Other residents found fraudulent charges on their credit or debit card account. One even reported a fraudulent charge for more than $2,600 where someone charged the card for purchases through Jetairway.com.

Finally, there was one case of identity theft where a resident’s personal information was compromised and used to open several credit accounts.

Criminal Mischief

Dec. 1 (2:31 p.m.) A window was broken at a residence in the 16400 block of Oxnard Lane at approximately 11:50 a.m. The resident screamed and ran into the living room where she observed a female with honey or sandy-colored hair. The female suspect ran toward Timpani Drive where the resident lost sight of her. At the same time, an older model dark colored sedan was parked in front of her residence driven by a white male with a goatee. The vehicle left the scene; it also went toward Timpani.


Nov. 28 (8:55 p.m.) Jose Manuel Castillo-Ferrera, 19, of Webster, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Castillo-Ferrera was stopped for an insurance violation in the 3600 block of Friendswood Link Road. He did not have a driver’s license or anything to prove his identity. He appeared overly nervous and had ash on his pants. Castillo-Ferrera provided the officer with consent to search his vehicle. The officer quickly found marijuana pieces in the center cup holder and then found a multi-colored marijuana pipe, a cigarillo package containing marijuana residue and rolling papers.

Nov. 29 (1:49 a.m.) Max Curtiss Callaway, 55, of Friendswood, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1. Stephanie Dawn Lewis, 26, of Richmond, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1. Roger Lee Powers, 35, of Dickinson, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Powers was identified as the driver of a vehicle stopped for an equipment violation in the 300 block of S. Friendswood Drive. Powers did not have a current driver’s license and the passengers were riding without their seatbelts fastened. Callaway and Lewis provided their identification so the officer could check them for warrants. Powers exited the vehicle and exposed drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. At that point, all of the occupants were detained. The officer retrieved a used syringe from the driver’s side door and a scale from the visor. The officer began searching Callaway, who was the owner of the vehicle, and found methamphetamine in his pocket. Lewis was concealing two baggies of methamphetamine under her clothing. At the jail, Lewis was searched more thoroughly and found to have more methamphetamine. Callaway had a baggie of meth in the liner of his hat. Lewis’ bond was set at $5,000 and Callaway’s bond was set at $20,000.

Nov. 30 (11:08 p.m.) James Olander Peace, 35, of Friendswood, and Chauntae Lynn Lopez, 37, of Pearland, were charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1. A suspicious vehicle was reported in the 4100 block of Livorno Drive. The caller told police that a Cadillac was parked at a dead end with two occupants inside. When the officer arrived, she saw two people inside the vehicle and they appeared to be moving around a lot. As the officer exited her car, the driver exited and was identified as Peace. The officer checked the identification of both Peace and Lopez, who was the owner of the vehicle. The officer asked Lopez if she had anything illegal inside the vehicle and requested consent to search the vehicle. Lopez agreed. During the search, the officer found a broken methamphetamine pipe next to the driver’s side door. Inside the vehicle, the officer found a baggie of crystal methamphetamine and a personal scale. Peace and Lopez argued about who the contraband belonged to.

Dec. 2 (12:45 a.m.) Christopher Edward Martinez, 36, of Webster, was charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon and two counts of Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1. An officer noticed a vehicle parked in a “No Parking” zone along Blackhawk Blvd and Laura Leigh. The officer could tell that the vehicle was occupied and as he approached, the vehicle drove away. The vehicle had two different license plates; both were expired and the vehicle was stopped in the 3600 block of Crofterglen Drive. After interviewing Martinez, the officer asked him to exit the vehicle. Martinez told the officer that he had a pistol in his bag – this was after Martinez told the officer that he was a felon and had spent time in the state penitentiary – so, the officer conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, the officer found 7 ounces of marijuana, 4.5 grams of cocaine, Xanax pills, Promethazine, Ecstasy pills and a .40 caliber handgun. Martinez had two felony convictions for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Robbery.

Dec. 2 (1:19 a.m.) Kayla Chantal Schimmerhorn, 24, of Pasadena, was charged with No Driver’s License. Grant Edwin Carden, 28, of Pasadena, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Schimmerhorn was stopped for having a defective brake light in the 2900 block of Friendswood Link Road. There were three occupants in the vehicle and all three appeared nervous. The officer asked all of the occupants to exit the vehicle. The officer checked Schimmerhorn’s driving status and found that she only had an ID not a driver’s license. Schimmerhorn gave the officer consent to search her vehicle. During the search, a small baggie of marijuana and two baggies with a white residue were found under Carden’s seat.

Dec. 3 (4:11 p.m.) Jason Ronald Eldon Donnelly, 33, of Alvin, was charged with Possession of Marijuana. A witness reported a reckless driver weaving in and out of traffic in the area of E. Parkwood Avenue and Winding Way. The suspect vehicle was located in the 1200 block of W. Parkwood Avenue. The suspect vehicle was following too closely behind another vehicle. The road conditions were not favorable making this even more dangerous. Then the vehicle began swerving from side to side while still following too close. The vehicle was stopped and the officer contacted the driver who only rolled down his window two or three inches. He thought that would stop the smell of marijuana from wafting out of the window, but it didn’t. The officer asked Donnelly to roll his window down further so that the officer could hear what he was saying, but Donnelly refused. The officer asked Donnelly to exit the vehicle; he refused. Donnelly’s doors were locked and he kept telling the officer not to touch his truck. It was not until a backup officer arrived, that Donnelly complied with the officer’s order to exit the vehicle. Once out of the vehicle, the officer questioned Donnelly about the smell of marijuana that was coming from his vehicle. Donnelly refused to answer any questions and asked to contact his attorney. A search of the vehicle was conducted. The officer found a bag on the rear seat. It held a smoking pipe made from aluminum foil and contained marijuana. There was an open bottle of beer, marijuana, a grinder, a scale and many small baggies commonly used in the distribution of narcotics. Donnelly was arrested. In addition to the marijuana charge, he also was cited for following too closely, possession of drug paraphernalia and open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle. Donnelly’s bond was set at $1,500.

Driving While Intoxicated

Dec. 2 (12:07 a.m.) Karen Dohmann Wiebelhaus, 38, of Friendswood, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Resisting Arrest, Search, or Transport. A witness reported an intoxicated driver at the McDonalds restaurant located at S. Friendswood and W. Parkwood. The caller told police that a small gray SUV was all over the road and pulled into the McDonalds parking lot. By the time an officer arrived, Wiebelhaus pulled out of the parking lot, almost hit an oncoming vehicle and then made a wide right turn onto S. Friendswood Drive and hit a curb. As the driver continued, she failed to maintain a single lane and was traveling at 73 mph in a 45 mph zone. She was stopped in the 2400 block of S. Friendswood Drive. Wiebelhaus failed a field sobriety test and was transported to the jail. At the jail, Wiebelhaus was combative, throwing her belongings and stripping off her clothing. Wiebelhaus’ bond was set at $2,500.

Dec. 3 (2:11 a.m.) Matthew Andrew Tamez, 21, of Friendswood, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated. Tamez was stopped in the 3300 block of Autumn Bay Drive. He was driving in circles in the neighborhood and was stopped for an insurance violation. Tamez appeared to be lost. During contact with Tamez, he exhibited signs of intoxication. When he exited the vehicle, he was unsteady and had to use the car for balance. Tamez failed a field sobriety test and failed a breath test.

Dec. 4 (12:07 a.m.) George Gonzales, Jr., 48, of Alvin, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated. An officer was responding to a call for service when he passed a vehicle traveling in the middle lane in the 400 block of E. Parkwood Avenue. The vehicle was traveling slowly and its right front tire was flat. The driver appeared to be struggling as he tried to control the vehicle on the wet roadway. The officer contacted Gonzales to make sure he knew that he had a flat tire; he didn’t. Gonzales had the smell of alcohol on his breath and he exhibited signs of intoxication. Gonzales failed a field sobriety test and failed a breath test. Gonzales’ bond was set at $1,500.


Nov. 30 (2:23 a.m.) Carlos Valdes-Dejesus, 46, of Texas City, was charged with Driving While License Invalid. Valdes-Dejesus was stopped in the 100 block of E. Shadowbend Avenue after failing to signal a lane change and failing to maintain a single marked lane. Valdes-Dejesus presented an invalid driver’s license. The license was suspended and Valdes-Dejesus had several prior convictions for driving with a suspended driver’s license. Valdes-Dejesus’ bond was set at $1,000.

Nov. 30 (6:47 p.m.) Johnathan Lee Reding, 22, of League City, was charged with Failure to Control Speed, Unsafe Speed, Follow Too Closely and Unsafe Lane Change. Reding was the at-fault driver in a crash that occurred in the 3100 block of W. Bay Area Blvd. Several witnesses reported that Reding was driving recklessly when he ran into the back of another moving vehicle with enough force to push it into another vehicle. Reding had been drinking but not enough to indicate that he was over the legal limit.

Other Incidents

Nov. 30 (12:01 p.m.) Rat poison was used to poison dogs at the Gimme a Bark doggie day care located at 103 Shadwell. The rat poison was thrown over the fence and onto the playground area for dogs. The owner of the business sent thirteen dogs to a local vet clinic to be checked out. At the time of the initial report, three of the dogs had tested positive for ingesting the poison and were being treated.

Dec. 4 (1:39 a.m.) An officer was patrolling in the 100 block of S. Friendswood Drive and made a u-turn to check the registration on a passing vehicle. The vehicle turned onto the 100 block of E. Edgewood. The officer attempted to catch up to the vehicle, but the vehicle was traveling at such a high rate of speed, she was unable to catch up. The vehicle made a quick stop in the left turn lane at the red light before turning onto Melody. The officer turned on her emergency lights to get the vehicle to stop but it kept going. The vehicle turned onto Maplewood Drive and the driver bailed out and ran into a home in the 300 block of Maplewood Drive. The vehicle was left running in the roadway with the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition. The registered owner of the vehicle did not live on that street. Since the vehicle was abandoned, the officer searched it and found a jar of marijuana. The vehicle had a flat tire, damage to the passenger tire and was covered in grass. It was towed.


Holiday Party Tips

Friendswood Police are often called to parties that get out of control or are left to deal with the aftermath of holiday parties such as traffic crashes and intoxication-related arrests. Many people go to parties intoxicated, and the police are called to deescalate or shut the parties down. Our best advice is to make a plan to ensure everyone enjoys the party and goes home safely. Here are some tips on what to plan and discuss with your guests or host before each party.

  • Make travel arrangements such as taxi numbers, designated drivers or shuttles.
  • Ask how they’ll get home safely as they RSVP.
  • Have lots of food!
  • Have non-alcohol related games for entertainment.
  • Have a bartender or sober guest monitor the drinking, or hand out drink tickets one by one.
  • Have a friend support you when talking to intoxicated individuals to ensure they get home safe.
  • If all else fails and someone gets in a car or leaves impaired, call the police.

Some of these steps can be uncomfortable when dealing with an impaired person. It’s a difficult conversation, but the alternative is worse. The injury or death of yourself, a guest or others is a real possibility if precautions aren’t taken. So, in order to have fun at parties, have the conversation. It could save a life.


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