Deceased Suspect Identified

On November 29th, at approximately 3:10pm, Officer Bradley Rusk spotted a man walking southbound on Friendswood Drive who matched the description of a suspect that had just stolen merchandise from the Shell Gas Station less than a mile away. Officer Rusk attempted to stop the man to conduct a field investigation.

The man, now identified as 55 year old Toby Cummins, brandished a box cutter and charged at the officer who was forced to discharge his weapon. Cummins was rushed to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center where he died from his wounds.

Officer Rusk was wearing a body camera at the time of the incident and Friendswood Police have confirmed it was recording. Per department policy, Officer Rusk is currently on administrative leave.

Jim is a serial entrepreneur, a web developer, a real estate agent, and a geek. Friendswood has been his hometown since 1998.