Police Report – October 18, 2016

Cologne thieves reported at Walgreens

On October 11 at approximately 5:00 p.m., a man picked the lock on the perfume case inside the Walgreens store located at 102 N. Friendswood Drive. That man left and another man entered the store, put six bottles of cologne in his pockets and left without paying for them.  The man who picked the lock on the perfume case is described as a heavy set, possibly Hispanic male with a shaved head. The thief is described as an average build, possibly white or Hispanic male with a shaved head. Pictures of the suspects attached.

Walgreens 2  Walgreens 1


Friendswood woman discharges weapon at daughter

Police responded to a report of gunshots fired in the 5400 block of Timpani Drive on October 12 at 10:23 p.m. When officers arrived, a 16-year old girl approached the officers and told them that her mother threatened to kill her and shot a gun at her.  A police negotiator called into the residence and negotiated the surrender of Kathy Jo Havard, 52, of Friendswood. At the conclusion of the investigation, Havard was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Police recovered two knives and a gun. A resisting arrest/search charge was filed when Havard tried to kick the crime scene technician and resist an evidence search. Havard has a documented history of violence. Havard’s bond was set at $30,000.

Kathy Havard


Oct. 12 (6:21 p.m.) Christopher Ray Pfeifer, 47, of Friendswood, was charged with Assault Causing Bodily Injury-Family Violence-Enhanced and Interfere with Emergency Telephone Call. Police responded to a 911 call at a residence in the 500 block of N. Clear Creek Drive. When they arrived, they had no other information other than the address. Pfeifer answered the door, invited the officers inside, but was visibly upset. Once inside, an officer interviewed a female. She told police that Pfeifer assaulted her and disconnected the phone when she attempted to call 911. Pfeifer’s bond was set at $3,000.

Oct. 15 (4:47 p.m.) Mark Anson Brigman, 36, of Friendswood, was charged with Assault by Contact. Brigman was involved in a physical altercation with his girlfriend. The assault occurred when Brigman tried to take the girlfriend’s cell phone away from her.

Oct. 16 (7:46 p.m.) Oscar Eduardo Celis, 46, of Houston, was charged with Assault by Contact-Family Violence. Celis is accused of assaulting his daughter during an argument with his wife. The victim began recording her parents fighting using her cell phone. Celis attempted to take the cell phone away from the victim and charged at her. The officer reviewed the cell phone video and took Celis into custody.


Oct. 11 (7:34 p.m.) A residence in the 4400 block of Saffron Lane was burglarized sometime between October 10 at 12:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on October 11. When the homeowner entered the residence, he reached to turn on a lamp, but the lamp was gone. Then, he noticed that a TV, a vacuum, a box of tools and two computers were also missing. A witness reported a suspicious person in the area at 9:00 p.m. the previous day. He was described as a white male, 5’11” tall, in his 30s, with curly hair. The suspicious person inquired about the house.


Oct. 17 (7:29 a.m.) A new homeowner in the 300 block of Independence arrived at her newly purchased home to find a man and woman inside the house. The new homeowner walked inside the house and found a man with short brown hair with no shirt and a female with dark hair with blonde chunks. Both of trespassers ran out of the house and down Quaker. It took the homeowner 20 minutes to call police, so the trespassers were not found.


Oct. 13 (6:02 a.m.) A vehicle stolen in Baytown was recovered in the parking lot of Kroger located at 3135 FM 528. The ignition was intact and it appeared that the vehicle had been parked for some time. The vehicle’s OnStar system notified the police department of the vehicle’s location.

Oct. 16 (12:19 p.m.) Jonathan Afam Phillips, 59, of Alvin, was charged with Theft. Phillips walked out of the HEB store with a basket full of groceries. He returned to the store and purchased some groceries and walked out again. When police arrived, Phillips was unloading groceries into the back of a shiny new red Corvette. Phillips seems surprised and produced a receipt for his groceries. The officer asked Phillips to open the trunk. At that time, the officer observed groceries from HEB; some in HEB bags and some not in bags. All of the groceries not on the receipt were seized and returned to HEB. There were 20 items totaling $138.79. Phillips was taken into custody. The driver of the red Corvette was issued a citation for parking in a handicap parking spot and released.

Criminal Mischief

Oct. 12 (8:32 a.m.)The traffic utility box and traffic light pole were vandalized at the intersection of Sunset and W. Parkwood Avenue. There was fresh yellow spray paint with the word “BUKS”.

Oct. 14 (6:47 a.m.) Tires were slashed on a vehicle parked in the 17000 block of Townes Road and a driver’s side window was smashed on a vehicle parked in the 16800 block of Townes Road.

Oct. 14 (5:33 p.m.) The passenger side front window of a vehicle was smashed in the 300 block of Oak Drive. The damage occurred sometime between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. A large rock was found in the floorboard. Nothing was missing from inside the vehicle.


Oct. 14 (12:23 a.m.) Aubrey Glenn Mitchell, Jr., 40, of Houston, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 3. Annisa Asha Stroud, 22, of Houston, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 2. Tyrell Leo French, 23, of Houston, was charged with Possession of Marijuana. An officer was conducting a traffic stop in the 4000 block of Friendswood Link Road when she noticed a vehicle approaching that was straddling the lane divider and did not appear to be making any effort to slow down or correct itself. The officer flattened herself against the side of the patrol car as the approaching vehicle jerked back into its lane at the very last minute. The officer got into her patrol vehicle and tried to catch up to the violator. The officer checked the vehicle’s registration and found that it was expired. The officer could also tell that the occupants inside the vehicle were moving things around in the floorboard. The smell of marijuana was detected as the officer approached the vehicle and identified Stroud as the driver. Stroud did not know that she had to slow down or move over for a police vehicle, she thought that only applied to ambulances. Stroud could find her driver’s license and was asked to exit the vehicle. A second officer was on scene and noticed that French, who was sitting in the back seat, had marijuana shake all over the front of his clothing. French had marijuana in his pocket and was taken into custody. A search of the vehicle was conducted and marijuana shake was found throughout the vehicle. The officer seized an orange glass pipe, a baggie of multi-colored pressed pills with various cartoon character imprints identified as Ecstasy, and an ibuprofen bottle with Mitchell’s name that contained Xanax. Mitchell’s bond was set at $3,500. Stroud’s bond was set at $2,000. French’s bond was set at $5,000.

Oct. 15 (3:25 a.m.) Jesse Thomas Sanchez, 46, of Port Lavaca, and Velvet Rose Dehoyos, 44, of San Antonio, were charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1. Sanchez was stopped for expired registration in the 100 block of E. Parkwood. As the officer was attempting to check the license plate, Sanchez slowed down abruptly and then turned into Whataburger in an attempt to elude contact with the police officer. Sanchez parked and then back out of his parking space at Whataburger and drove around the backside of the business before the officer conducted a traffic stop. Sanchez advised that he and his passenger were heading to Alvin to find a hotel room but they were lost. Sanchez consented to a search of his vehicle. The officer found an open beer along with a bag of crystal methamphetamine and a butane lighter in Dehoyos’ purse. A second bag of methamphetamine was found in Sanchez’ backpack along with a rolled-up dollar bill and a clear straw with methamphetamine residue. Sanchez also had two smaller baggies of methamphetamine in his wallet. Sanchez’ bond was set at $2,000. Dehoyos’ bond was set at $10,000.

Oct. 15 (11:59 p.m.) Warkendroin Dewayne Ross, 31, of Houston, was charged with Tampering with or Fabricating Evidence and Evading Arrest or Detention. Ross was being stopped for expired registration in the 15500 block of Beamer Road. Ross refused to stop for the officer’s emergency lights and siren. Instead, he began throwing nuggets of marijuana out of his window. He finally stopped in the 14600 block of Beamer Road. Ross rolled down his window revealing the strong smell of marijuana. Ross was detained and a search of the vehicle was conducted. The officer found marijuana buds, marijuana residue, a scale, syringes and some other drug-related paraphernalia. In addition to the tampering and evading charges, Ross had two outstanding traffic warrants. Ross’ bond was set at $10,000.

Oct. 16 (1:33 a.m.) Joshua Paul Jones Alix, 19, of Houston, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 2. Iris Carolina Cedillos, 21, of Houston, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. During a routine patrol of the Baywood Apartments located at 5025 FM 2351, an officer noticed a vehicle exiting a neighboring apartment complex. The vehicle did not signal its intent to turn and had a license plate lamp out. The vehicle turned into Baywood Apartments and stopped. At that point, the officer approached the driver, Cedillos, and explained the reason for the stop. As Cedillos was reaching for her driver’s license, the officer noticed a glass jar containing marijuana. Cedillos and Alix exited the vehicle as the officer conducted a vehicle search. The officer found a scale, a marijuana pipe, a grinder, and baggies with a small amount of marijuana. Alix’s wallet contained his identification along with another ID belonging to his cousin. He had a small amount of marijuana and an electronic cigarette that contained a yellowish-brown liquid that smelled like marijuana. They were both taken into custody and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Alix later admitted that the liquid in the electronic cigarette was marijuana oil. It tested positive for THC and weighed 4.2 grams. Alix’ bond was set at $2,000.

Driving While Intoxicated

Oct. 15 (4:54 p.m.) Thomas Michael Dollar, 53, of Friendswood, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated. A witness reported an intoxicated driver that pulled into the Shell gas station located in the 3500 block of FM 528. The witness told police that the intoxicated driver had just left the Time Out bar and had fallen to the ground twice before getting into his truck in the parking lot. When police arrived, the intoxicated driver pulled out of the Shell station parking lot and a traffic stop was conducted. Dollar exited the vehicle before the officer could reach the driver’s side door. As he exited he had to grab his truck to catch his balance. Dollar exhibited signs of intoxication and failed a field sobriety test. He agreed to provide a specimen of his blood and was taken to a local hospital for a voluntary blood draw. Dollar’s bond was set at $5,000.

Public Intoxication

Oct. 11 (7:13 p.m.) Krystal Rae McGuire, 35, of Pearland, was charged with Public Intoxication. Police received a call about an intoxicated woman with a child at Birraporettis restaurant located at 400 W. Parkwood. When police arrived, they found McGuire and the child standing next to a vehicle parked crooked in a parking space in the parking lot. McGuire was intoxicated and leaning on the vehicle for balance. McGuire was taken into custody and the child was released to his father.

Oct. 16 (5:37 a.m.) Timothy Ryan Anderson, 25, of Friendswood, was charged with Public Intoxication. Anderson approached an officer on foot during a traffic stop in the 17200 block of Blackhawk Blvd. Anderson was instructed to leave the scene. Instead, he stood several yards away and began muttering incoherent statements. Anderson approached the traffic stop again and tried to communicate with the violation through the passenger side window. Anderson exhibited signs of intoxication. Once the violator was released from the scene, the officer approached Anderson. Anderson was intoxicated, parked his vehicle at the Shell station at FM 528 and Blackhawk and walked down to the traffic stop. He was determined to be a danger to himself and other and was taken into custody.

Oct. 16 (6:00 a.m.) Fabian Alejandro Jimenez Reta, 21, of Alvin, was charged with Public Intoxication. A witness reported a man passed out in a vehicle at the Chevron gas station located at 1651 W. Parkwood Avenue. Jimenez Reta was parked in front of the gas pumps and passed out inside a truck. An officer woke him up and asked him to exit the vehicle. Jimenez Reta exhibited signs of intoxication and was taken into custody.

Oct. 16 (6:50 p.m.) Joshua Michael Vantilburg, 34, of Texas City, was charged with Public Intoxication. Vantilburg was involved in a minor accident in the parking lot of Luna’s Mexican Restaurant located at 704 W. Parkwood Avenue. When police arrived, Vantilburg was sitting inside his vehicle. He exhibited signs of intoxication. Vantilburg was planning to eat and then drive home. He was taken into custody.


Oct. 13 (11:23 p.m.) Moises Sica Lopez, 33, of Houston, was charged with No Driver’s License in the 400 block of E. Parkwood. Lopez was stopped because his license plate light was out. As the vehicle was coming to a stop, the driver crawled over the back of the driver’s seat and into the back middle passenger seat. The front passenger crawled over the center console and began making suspicious movements. The officer ordered both of the occupants to exit the vehicle. The officer identified Lopez as the person who was driving and noticed that the vehicle had an interlock device.

Oct. 14 (2:53 p.m.) Michael Duane Graham, 29, of Pearland, was charged with Driving While License Invalid, Expired License Plates and No Insurance. Graham was stopped for expired registration in the 100 block of Whispering Pines. Graham’s driver’s license was suspended and he had received a citation for the same charge in a neighboring city but made no attempt to correct the situation.

Found Property

Oct. 11 (10:07 a.m.) A bicycle was abandoned in the 700 block of High Ridge Drive. It is being stored at the police department for safekeeping.


Two cases of identity theft were reported this week. One involved a stolen identity used to file with the IRS. The other, a person’s identity was used to fraudulent obtain cell phones and cell phone service.

Other Incidents

Oct. 11 (8:06 a.m.) Several motorists reported a woman walking in the median of the 100 block of S. Friendswood Drive. They said the woman was yelling for help and covering her ears. When an officer arrived in the area, verbal attempts to get her to stop walking in the roadway were unheard, so the officer had to physically escort her onto the sidewalk. She continued to yell for help and tried to walk back into the roadway. Officers restrained her and waited for Friendswood medics to assess her condition. It appeared the woman was under the influence of some type of drug, possibly synthetic marijuana. The woman was transported to a local hospital.

Oct. 13 (6:06 p.m.) A 13-year old boy was hit by a vehicle as he was attempting to cross FM 528 at the crosswalk at W. Bay Area Blvd. The suspect vehicle was a brown Toyota 4-Runner. The boy was thrown from his bicycle and across the pavement. The driver of the vehicle took the boy to the Kroger pharmacy and attempted to bandage his wounds. The driver left the boy at Kroger, and did not attempt to contact the boy’s parents or the police. The driver of the brown Toyota was a black male in his 40s or 50s with a taper-fade haircut.


Safety notice regarding the Friendswood Chamber’s 17th Annual Halloween in the Park

The Friendswood Chamber of Commerce’s 17th Annual Halloween in the Park will be held on Sunday, October 23 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Stevenson Park. There will be local businesses with decorated booths handing out treats to all the ghosts and goblins. The Chamber has issued the following notice:

Parking is limited in and around Stevenson Park. Be extra careful walking with your family with extra traffic for this event. The police will have a lighted crosswalk at Shadwell and S. Friendswood Drive (FM 518) for your safety.

Due to the recent news reports regarding clown incidents, the Chamber will NOT be allowing any clown costumes at “Halloween in the Park”. This includes children, adults and animals that are wearing a costume or have their face painted as a clown – they will be escorted out of the park.

For the safety of this event, the Chamber will strictly enforce this request. Please help spread the word to anyone you know that will be attending “Halloween in the Park”. The Chamber wants to keep this a fun and safe event for everyone.

Now Enrolling for Women’s RAD Training in November

R.A.D. is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The R.A.D. System is a comprehensive, fifteen (15) hour women-only course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. R.A.D. is not a Martial Arts Program. Class is open to all women, ages 12 and up. The course is a great mother-daughter program.


  • Thursday, November 10, from 6 PM to 9:30 PM
  • Friday, November 11, from 6 PM to 9:30 PM
  • Saturday, November 12, from 4 PM to 8 PM
  • Sunday, November 13, from 2 PM to 6 PM


WHERE? Hope Lutheran Church of Friendswood at 1804 S. Friendswood Drive, Friendswood, TX 77546

COST? $25; payable on the first day by cash or check.

To register, email Officer Crouch at [email protected] or leave a message at 281-996-3316.

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