Police Report – September 26, 2016

Teenage crowd out-of-control at Friendswood Whataburger

The Friendswood Whataburger located at 214 E. Parkwood was yet again the scene of a large disturbance involving approximately 100 teens and young adults. At 11:53 p.m., Friday night, September 23, Whataburger employees reported that persons were standing and jumping on tables while yelling profanities. Some of the group stole Whataburger containers used for serving tea and other drinks.

When police arrived, the crowd began to disperse. David Luke Nuno, 18, of League City, was charged with Public Intoxication when he began using profane language directed at the officers. Nuno displayed signs of intoxication and had the smell of marijuana on his clothing. While continuing to monitor the crowd, Cooper Lain Cibulski, 17, of League City, decided to rev his engine and peel out of the parking lot at a high rate of speed. He was stopped and charged with Unreasonable Acceleration.

With football season in full swing and the new Challenger Stadium in close proximity, late night Friendswood businesses attract students after the games. Police warn teens that unruly crowds gathering at Friendswood businesses following the evenings’ school football games will not be tolerated.

This is the second large teen crowd event at this Whataburger this year and there was one during football season last year. When restaurant employees cannot handle the crowds, they call police. But, during the police response, the crowd generally turns their aggression toward the responding police officers. We want students and their parents to be fully aware of the expected outcome of a police response – arrests and criminal charges for unruly offenders.


Sept. 22 (10:05 p.m.) An employee at Friendship Haven, located at 1500 Sunset, reported a vehicle burglary. The victim told police that sometime between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., someone smashed out a window in her vehicle and stole her purse.

Sept. 24 (5:38 a.m.) A work van was burglarized at the Bridgestone Apartments located at 4949 FM 2351 sometime overnight. The lock was punched when the driver tried to unlock the van. Inside, all of the drawers were pulled out but only a computer tablet was missing. The driver of the work van checked his personal vehicle and found that the passenger side door was partially open. Someone had rummaged through his personal vehicle but nothing was stolen.


Sept. 25 (1:49 p.m.) Joseph Roderick Morgan, 50, of Bacliff, was charged with Theft. Morgan is accused of stealing a rotisserie chicken and an assortment of other items ranging from alcoholic beverages to hygiene products from the HEB store located at 701 W. Parkwood Avenue. Morgan had a total of 45 items stashed in a cooler totaling $629.


Sept. 19 (1:06 p.m.) A Friendswood resident contacted police when he discovered that his personal information was used to open an AT&T account in another state. The account has since been closed. The victim found out about the account when he received a billing statement from AT&T. It listed several activated phone lines.

Sept. 19 (6:36 p.m.) A Friendswood man was contacted by Federal Express regarding a fraudulent account. They informed him that $785 worth of fraudulent mail was purchased using a credit card. After that, the victim began receiving phone calls about letters and checks that were mailed with his return address and phone number. Then, he got a call from a detective in Colorado about a fraudulent check. The case is under review.

Criminal Mischief

Sept. 20 (10:03 a.m.) Sometime between Monday, September 19 at 6:00 p.m. and Tuesday, September 20 at 7:40 a.m., someone spray painted graffiti on the side of a box truck parked in the 300 block of S. Friendswood Drive. Spray painted graffiti was also found on the side of a standalone garage in the 100 block of E. Shadowbend Avenue, on two windows of a building located in the 400 block of S. Friendswood Drive, and the brick outer wall of a law office in the 300 block of S. Friendswood Drive.

Disorderly Conduct

Sept. 23 (3:05 a.m.) Ryan William Smith, 26, of Houston, was charged with Driving While License Invalid and Disorderly Conduct-Fighting. William Cole Deatherage, 18, of Friendswood, was charged with Disorderly Conduct-Fighting. Officers responded to a disturbance in the 500 block of Eagle Lakes Drive. Deatherage began walking quickly toward his residence when police arrived. He was yelling and was detained in handcuffs. Smith was also on scene; his vehicle was parked in the middle of the roadway. The officer learned that the incident developed from road rage. Once the vehicles got in front of Deatherage’s residence, Smith and Deatherage began to fight in the street. They were both taken to jail.

Sept. 23 (3:09 p.m.) Michael Baeza, 20, of Friendswood, was charged with Disorderly Conduct – Fighting. Police responded to a disturbance at the Bay Meadows Apartments located at 17201 Blackhawk Blvd. When they arrived, they found Baeza and another man already separated. Baeza and another man exchanged words in the parking lot of the apartment complex. The exchange escalated and led to a physical fight. The officer checked the identifiers of both men and found that Baeza had an outstanding felony warrant for possession of a controlled substance. Baeza was taken into custody. He and the other man were also issued citations for disorderly conduct-fighting.


Sept. 19 (4:11 p.m.) Kyle Everett Gardner, 17, of League City, was charged with Possession of Marijuana. A witness reported suspicious activity in the 2500 block of Mountain Falls Court. Several teenagers exited a vehicle and were trolling in the wooded area behind some homes. When police arrived, they found the suspicious vehicle and a teen who was trying to hide behind a tree. An officer approached and was able to identify Gardner as well as two other teens. They were all nervous and claimed they were smoking cigarettes – all of them were under 18 years of age. While interviewing the teens, the officer noticed a small black bag on the ground. The bag was open and the officer could tell that it contained a mason jar with marijuana. Gardner claimed ownership of the bag. The full contents of the bag included the jar, six small bags of marijuana, a digital scale and a box of zip lock bags. Gardner was taken into custody. His bond was set at $1,000.

Sept. 19 (7:44 p.m.) Sharon Faye Weinberg, 49, of Alvin, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1. Weinberg ran a red light at Sunset and W. Parkwood Avenue – one of the busiest intersections in the city. The officer stopped Weinberg in the 1500 block of Sunset. As the officer approached her, Weinberg quickly exited the vehicle, slammed and locked the door. Weinberg appeared to be high and impaired; her speech was loud and rapid, she couldn’t stay still, she appeared paranoid and had sores on her face which are indicative of methamphetamine use. As the officer got closer to Weinberg, he detected the smell of marijuana. Weinberg tried to walk away. The officer requested Weinberg’s driver’s license and insurance, so she had to unlock the car door in order to retrieve the requested items. She opened the door and the smell of marijuana lofted into the air. Weinberg only had an ID card and told the officer that her license was suspended. The officer confirmed the suspended and expired driver’s license and took Weinberg into custody. As the officer attempted to take Weinberg into custody she yelled and then growled. During a search of the vehicle, officers found methamphetamine and a pipe. No bond has been set.

Sept. 21 (2:03 a.m.) Hope Alvear, 18, of Houston, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 3. Steven Anthony Torres, 22, of Laredo, was charged with Failure to Identify and had a Harris County warrant. An officer found a suspicious vehicle parked at the Bridgestone Apartments located at 4949 FM 2351. The vehicle was parked in the middle of the parking lot; it was running but the lights were off. No one was in the driver’s seat but Torres was in the passenger seat. As the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed Alvear asleep in the back seat. During contact with the occupants, the officer detected the smell of marijuana. Torres identified himself as Christopher Rodriguez. A driver’s license found in the car matched the man’s description but identified him as Marco Saenz. Saenz had outstanding traffic warrants, so the man was taken into custody. Alvear had Xanax in the bag that she was using as a pillow and was taken into custody. At the jail, Torres was fingerprinted and his true identity was revealed; he had a felony warrant for vehicle theft.

Driving While Intoxicated

Sept. 19 (9:31 p.m.) Holly Beth Webb, 39, of Baytown, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated. Webb was involved in an accident in the 400 block of E. Parkwood Avenue. A witness told police that Webb was driving along when she began hitting the curb and pulled into a parking lot. During contact with Webb, the officer detected the smell of alcohol. Webb exhibited signs of intoxication, failed a field sobriety test and registered .155 on a breath test. During an inventory of Webb’s vehicle, officers found an open bottle of rum. Webb’s bond was set at $1,000.

Sept. 24 (2:53 a.m.) Angelica Lizette Rios, 27, of Alvin, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated – 2nd offense. Rios was stopped for speeding in the 700 block of W. Parkwood Avenue. During contact with Rios, the officer detected the strong smell of alcohol and noticed an open alcoholic beverage in a brown paper sack in the center console. Rios exited the vehicle and exhibited signs of intoxication. She failed a field sobriety test and refused a breath and blood test. A blood search warrant was granted by a judge and Rios was taken to a local hospital for a blood draw. Rios’ bond was set at $1,500.


Sept. 21 (4:34 p.m.) Jacqueline Michal Thornburgh, 27, of Schulenburg, was charged with Driving While License Invalid, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Fictitious Registration Insignia. Donald Stephen Stafford, II, 27, of League City, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Thornburgh was stopped for an expired temporary tag in the 3800 block of Friendswood Link Road. Thornburgh appeared very nervous and did not have a driver’s license or proof of insurance. The officer took Thornburgh’s personal information, along with the identifiers for the passenger, Stafford. Thornburgh had a suspended driver’s license and was taken into custody. An inventory of the vehicle turned up drug paraphernalia so Stafford was also taken into custody.

Sept. 24 (5:49 p.m.) Kevin Constanza, 24, of Webster, was charged with Driving While License Invalid and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Constanza was stopped for expired registration in the 3600 block of FM 528. As the officer approached the vehicle, he detected the smell of marijuana. Constanza did not have a driver’s license or proof of insurance. A female passenger did not have identification either, so both were asked to exit the vehicle. Constanza provided his name and date of birth and the officer determined that Constanza’s driver’s license was suspended. The passenger, Jancy Quintanilla, had several outstanding warrants with Harris County Precinct 5 and Sugarland. During a search of the vehicle, the officer found a small amount of marijuana and a white substance that field tested as methamphetamine.


Sept. 25 (10:43 p.m.) When a person comes to the Friendswood Police Department to bond another person out of jail, their identification is requested and checked, so it’s a good idea to be free of any outstanding warrants and to arrive sober and unimpaired. Joseph Arthur Toler, II, 36, of Houston, was at the police department trying to get his buddy out of jail. Toler appeared to be impaired. He gave the officer his identification; she checked it and Toler had outstanding warrants in Harris County Precinct 6. The officer went back out into the lobby and took Toler into custody. Before escorting Toler to the jail, the officer checked him for weapons and found an electronic vaporizer with a significant amount of an orange liquid inside. Since it appeared that Toler was tweaking, the officer field tested the liquid. It had a strong positive for amphetamines. The vaporizer and contents were seized and will be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Other Incidents

Sept. 21 (11:56 a.m.) Craig Sherone Reed, 44, of Pearland, was charged with Violation of a Protective Order. A resident in the 4100 block of Lucian called police when she found her ex-husband parked in front of her residence. Reed is currently the subject of a protective order and is not supposed to be within 200 yards of the residence. When police arrived, Reed was taken into custody. His bond was set at $1,500.

Sept. 25 (12:25 a.m.) Police responded to a 911 call at a residence in the 800 block of Lexington Drive. The police dispatcher could hear a male in the background telling the caller to hang up the phone. When police arrived at the residence, they could hear voices inside the residence. Within seconds, Matthew William Linton, 30, of Friendswood, came charging out of the front door. Linton had been drinking and appeared aggressive. Another officer went inside the residence to see where all of the banging and commotion inside the residence was originating. When the officer entered the home, Linton was enraged and reached for the officer’s arm. Linton began to fight with the officers and was taken into custody and escorted to a police vehicle. When the officers returned, they found Candice Lee Hill, 27, of Friendswood, and Linton’s mother arguing at the front door. Hill was no longer welcome inside the home. Hill told police that she called 911 because she had been kicked out of a bar in Alvin and figured she had better call the police before the bartender did. Hill was taken into custody and charged with making Abusive Calls to 911. Linton was charged with Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest. This is the second time that someone at this residence has been charged with making abusive calls to 911.

Found Property

Sept. 20 (7:23 p.m.) Police are in possession of a cell phone found on a Friendswood ISD school bus. If not claimed within 30 days, it will be disposed of.


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence plagues our communities each month of the year. On any given day, we can encounter the need for awareness about this issue. Even so, Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a powerful time for concentrating national, state, and local attention on domestic violence. This is a month for bringing people together to stand publicly against domestic violence and for healthy, respectful relationships and safe communities.


The Texas Council on Family Violence reports that 132 Texas women were murdered by a male intimate partner in 2014. Every year, more than 100 women are killed by their husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend in Texas. Yet, this heartbreaking number is only the tip of the iceberg where Texas domestic violence is concerned.


Family violence often follows a predictable pattern. Friends and family can help if they know the warning signs.


Purple has historically been the color tied to domestic violence advocacy. To Go Purple is to celebrate the progress of the movement to end family violence. This year, Go Purple Day is Tuesday, October 20, 2016. Wherever you may be going that day, wear purple. Be ready to talk about domestic violence and win allies for the cause. You can also Go Purple by turning your social media profile pictures purple!

Domestic Violence Awareness events in Galveston County

Every October, the Resource & Crisis Center of Galveston County partners with other agencies to host events in honor of domestic violence victims and survivors. This year they have partnered with Yoga Haven, League City Police Department, Texas A&M Galveston, Galveston College and UTMB Police Department.

Please join them to show honor and support.
October 6th– Yoga on the Beach
October 13th– Candle Light Vigil
October 19th– Walk a Mile in Her Shoes
October 21st & 22nd– RAD

For more information on the events, please visit www.rccgc.org or contact Amber Wilhelm, Outreach & Development Coordinator, at [email protected] or 409-443-0501.

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